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:  Serious injuries or deaths result when big commercial trucks collide with passenger cars, vans, SUVs, and pickup trucks.  Because of the enormous weight advantage 18 wheelers have, the passenger vehicles are often flattened and crushed by the huge force of the impact.

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Truck Accident Statistics:  It is truly amazing how frequently a large commercial truck is involved in an auto accident in the U.S.  Some of the interesting statistics include:

  • There are almost 5,000 deaths every year from big truck accidents every year.
  • Every year in the United States big trucks are involved in motor approximately 500,000 collisions.
  • One in 8 auto accidents involve 18 wheelers or other big trucks.

Injuries and Fatalities:  Brain injuries, spinal injuries, fractured legs, fractured hips, fractured arms, burns, disc herniations, and other catastrophic injuries can easily be caused by truck accident collisions.  Even more tragic is when a family loses a loved one due to a truck accident fatality.  This creates a truck accident wrongful death claim and allows the family to recover for the economic and non-economic value of the life.

Truck Accident Medical Treatment:  The medical bills from the catastrophic injuries that can result from truck accidents in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia.  When there are spinal injuries or fractures, the injured victims often require surgeries, extensive hospital stays, long term home care, long term rehab, and extensive pain management.  If someone has a fractured hip, fractured ankle, fractured hip, a spinal cord injury with paralysis, or any other catastrophic injury, the medical treatment can easily cost $200,000 to $400, 000 or more.

Legal Claims Involving Truck Accidents:  There are many legal claims that can arise depending on the facts of your truck accident.  To read more about each type of claim we encourage you to use the below link:

  1. Big Truck Personal Injury Claim
  2. Big Truck Wrongful Death Claim
  3. Big Truck Worker’s Comp Claim
  4. Big Truck Social Security Disability Claim

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