Spinal Injury

Spinal Injuries:   Spinal injuries normally refer to injuries to the spinal cord or other nerves in the neck or back.  Sometimes spinal injuries also are used to reference disc herniations, disc bulges, discs protrusions, and disc ruptures.  When the spinal cord is damaged, then the injured party often looses the ability to use his or her arms or legs.  Clearly injury claims involving spinal injuries that cause someone to be a paraplegic or quadriplegic are catastrophic injuries.  Catastrophic injuries usually result in some of the highest personal injury or worker’s compensation recoveries.  Since spinal injuries are normally permanent and since they often mean that the injured party will incur enormous medical treatment and home care, it is essential that you hire a successful injury law firm.  877-PAIN-LAW has a history of great settlements and verdicts.  I encourage you to call us today to fully discuss your claim and to allow me that opportunity to address all of your questions and concerns.

Common Treatment:  Surgery is normally performed when a spinal injury occurs.  The surgery is normally required to stabilize the spine when there has been a life changing injury to the spinal cord.  Rehabilitation, medications, and on going home nurse care is often required.  Past and future medical expenses are normally unbelievably high for spinal injuries.

Personal Injury:  Our PAIN LAW attorneys know how to handle personal injury claims in a way that greatly increases the recovery for our clients.  It is essential in spinal injuries to identify all of the available insurance coverage since the value of these claims is often off the chart.  Possible insurance coverage can be found in auto liability policies, auto uninsured or under-insured motorists policies, in umbrella policies, in worker’s compensation policies, in employer’s liability policies, and in homeowners policies.  Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers will find all of the policies, will verify all of the policy limits, and will properly stack all of the insurance coverage to maximize your recovery.  Call us today to fully discuss your spinal injury personal injury claim at 877-PAIN-LAW  (877-724-6529).

Worker’s Compensation Claims:    Spinal cord injuries and other serious spinal injuries often result in a catastrophic worker’s compensation claim.  Normally in a worker’s compensation claim the injured worker is eligible for weekly income benefits for up to 400 weeks from the date of the accident.  In catastrophic worker’s compensation claims, the weekly income benefits can be available for life.  Our worker’s compensation lawyers have a track record of delivering great worker’s compensation settlements.  There are also many complicated issues surrounding catastrophic worker’s compensation claims which include the future medical treatment not covered by Medicare, as well as, the required Medicare Set Aside.  You definitely need to call us as quickly as possible if you have a worker’s compensation claim based on a spinal injury or other serious injury at 877-PAIN-LAW (877-724-6529).

Social Security Disability Claims:  If you have suffered a catastrophic injury such as a spinal cord injury, then you should be eligible for social security disability.  If you apply and are denied, then you should call us at 877-PAIN-LAW to discuss our helping you with your appeal for reconsideration.  Since you only have 90 days to appeal, it is critical that you call us as soon as possible.

Free Consultation:  I, attorney Richard Griffin, receive calls every week from people who are struggling due to their personal injury, worker’s compensation, or social security disability claims.  It is very important that you talk to us so we can talk to you about all aspects of your claim.

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