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I was being denied my medical care, a good bit of benefits. I was being  denied a lot of things. After hiring the firm, my life turned around inside of 72 hours.

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I’m Atlanta worker’s compensation lawyer Richard S. Griffin. Injured workers call me every week because they are struggling with the adjuster handling their worker’s compensation case.  These injured workers are often disabled from work and need extensive medical treatment to get better.  They want to work, but their on-the-job injuries prevent them from being able to perform their job duties.  They are immediately faced with expensive medical treatment that they can’t afford that they hope will be paid by the worker’s compensation adjuster.  Often injured workers are also afraid that they will lose their jobs since they they are hurt and have a claim.  The best advice is to call us for a free consultation so we can talk to you about your worker’s compensation rights and benefits and can answer all of your questions and concerns.

How can we help?  My PAIN LAW attorneys can make all the difference in your worker’s compensation claim.   After you hire us, we will make sure you get all the worker’s compensation benefits that you are entitled to receive.  Some of these worker’s compensation benefits include:are hurt and have a claim.  The best advice is to call us for a free consultation so we can talk to you about your worker’s compensation rights and benefits and can answer all of your questions and concerns.

(1) Income Benefits:  We will make sure you are paid weekly for your lost wages.

(2) Medical Benefits:  We will also make sure the adjuster timely authorizes the medical treatment and testing that your Authorized Treatment Physician has recommended.

(3) Permanent Partial Disability Benefits:  We also get you paid for your PPD rating (permanent partial disability rating) if you have permanently lost partial use of your body.

(4) Settlement:  Great worker’s compensation settlements are rare unless you are represented by an experienced worker’s compensation attorney.

Common problems:  There are many common problems injured workers face when they do not have the protection of a worker’s compensation lawyer.  These problems include:

(1) Claim Denied:  Often without representation your employer may delay or refuse to report the worker’s compensation claim to their insurer.  The employer or the worker’s compensation adjuster will often deny a claim if you delayed in notifying them of your accident or if you delay in seeking medical treatment.  Don’t give up if your claim is being denied or delayed.  We can help.

(2) No Income Benefits:  The adjuster refuses to pay weekly income benefits (temporary total or temporary partial).

(3) Mileage Reimbursements:  Mileage reimbursements are not being paid by the adjuster.

(4) Limited Medical Testing:  The adjuster refuses to authorize the needed diagnostic testing.

(5) Limited Medical Treatment:  The adjuster refuses to pay for medical treatment.

(6) No Second Opinions:  You want to see another doctor, but don’t know your rights and how to get a second opinion or a change of physician.

(7) Termination:  If your employer terminates you, then you need to call us immediately so we can discuss your rights and let you know how we can help you continue to get the weekly income benefits checks and medical treatment that you need.

(8) No Settlement:  Worker’s compensation settlements rarely occur unless you have a good worker’s compensation lawyer.  877-PAIN-LAW can help you get the worker’s compensation settlement you need and deserve.

Proven Track Record of Success:  We have a proven track record of success.  Atlanta worker’s compensation attorney Richard Griffin and his PAIN LAW attorneys have negotiated thousands of great worker’s compensation settlements.    There is no doubt that if you are seriously injured you need to hire a worker’s compensation attorney as soon as possible.  Selecting the right worker’s compensation lawyer will make all the difference in how your worker’s compensation claim will work out.  All attorneys are not the same. I strongly recommend that you read our client reviews, settlements and verdicts, and firm awards.  This will let you verify for yourself that our clients are happy with us and that the legal community has awarded us for legal excellence.

Free Consultation:  Call us today at 877-PAIN-LAW (877-724-6529) to find out how we can help make sure you are fully compensated for your worker’s compensation claim.

If you are seriously injured and can’t work, you owe it to yourself to call us to fully discuss your worker’s compensation claim.  Even if your claim is not going well or has been denied, don’t give up.  Call us today so we can explain how we can make all the difference in your worker’s compensation claim.

Worker’s Compensation Statistics for 2011:

  • There are over 4 million workers injured on-the-job throughout the U.S. every year.  Some of these injured workers are injured in the cities in Gwinnett County such as Snellville, Georgia.
  • Income benefits were paid in 34,119 workers compensation claims in Georgia for 2011.
  • The total medical paid on Georgia worker’s compensation claim that also involved weekly income benefits totaled $715,261,239.27.
  • The total number of Georgia worker’s comp claims that were medical only were 110,650.
  • The total cost of the medical paid on claims without weekly income benefits was $95,926,851.82.

Valid Georgia workers’ compensation claims require:  Work place accidents are not uncommon in the state of Georgia. It is important to know that if you are hurt on the job while performing your job duties, then you usually have a workers’ compensation claim. Most valid workers’ compensation claims in Georgia must have the following:

  • Injury by accident: A valid workers’ compensation claim can be from an accident, occupational disease, or even an intentional act as long as the intentional act was not done for personal reasons. For example injuries to an employee during a store robbery would normally be covered while injuries from a domestic relations assault would normally not be covered.
  • In the course of your employment: This means that you were on the clock or doing something for the benefit of your employer when the accident occurred.
  • Arising out of your employment: This means that you were performing your job duties or something for the benefit of your employer when you were injured on the job.
  • Employee status:     Normally you must be an employee and not an independent contractor to be covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act in Georgia.

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Statistics involving Fatal Work Accidents:

  • There were 76 work accidents that caused the death of the employee in Georgia in 2012. 24 of these accidents involved auto accidents in company vehicles. 15 of these deaths were from falls from heights or slip and falls of these 76 fatalities. One of these was caused by an explosion. 19 of these fatalities were due to violence from animals or people.
  • In 1994 there were 249 fatal work accidents in Georgia.
  • There were 4,383 deaths from on the job accidents across the United States in 2012.
  • There were 4,693 deaths from work accidents in the United States in 2011.

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