The Griffin Law Firm through their new PAIN LAW website now features a Settlement Calculator.  This new feature allows you to find out the projected value of your worker's compensation or personal injury claim for free.  I'm attorney Richard Griffin.  Since I have been practicing personal injury and worker's compensation in Georgia for nearly 20 [...]

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Does Tryvon Martin’s Family have a Wrongful Death Claim against George Zimmerman?

The criminal trial against Georgie Zimmerman for second degree murder and manslaughter resulted in a not guilty verdict.  However, this only addressed and adjudicated the criminal claim the state of Florida had against George Zimmerman.  There may be a civil action for wrongful death available for the Tryvon Martin family to pursue which would be [...]

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Auto Insurance Coverage Gaps: There may be no coverage if an uninsured driver wrecks your car

Auto insurance companies look for ways to deny coverage.  Denying coverage means that the insurance adjuster reviews the policy and the facts of the accident and concludes that the auto policy does not cover the personal injury or property damage claim that arose from the accident.  When a liability policy denies coverage it often means [...]

Georgia Workers Comp Claimants cannot sue their Employers for Personal injury.

Atlanta worker's compensation lawyer Richard Griffin of the Griffin Law Firm has often been asked by people injured in on-the-job accidents if they can sue their employers for personal injury in addition to having a worker's compensation claim.  In Georgia injured workers compensation claimants can't sue their employers for personal injury even if their employer [...]

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Pedestrian Accident Causes 7 Car Pile up and 6 DUI Arrests in Atlanta, Georgia

Pedestrian accidents normally occur when a pedestrian is attempting to cross a road or walk across a parking lot.  However, on July 5, 2012 a pedestrian walked out onto I-75 south of Atlanta.  In Georgia, it is against Georgia law for a pedestrian to walk on or beside the interstate.  As automobiles attempted to miss [...]

Most Common Reasons a Social Security Claim is denied

Atlanta social security disability lawyer Richard Griffin has found that there are 5 reasons that are the basis for Social Security Disability Claims to be denied.  These common reasons for denials include:  Lack of medical evidence if disability  Insufficient work history (not satisfying the work credit requirements) Lack of recent medical treatment or testing Failing [...]

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