On July 22, 2013 Cameron James Fullerton, a teenager (age19), was tragically killed while driving his motorcycle in Cumming, GA when a Ford F250 turned left in front of him.  The negligent pickup driver, Jonathan Troy Sorrells, was cited with failure to yield and with misdemeanor vehicular Homicide.  The maximum sentence for this criminal offense is 12 months in jail.  The charge requires the defendant to violate a traffic law that results in a car accident that causes a fatality.
In addition to the criminal charges the surviving spouse and children of the man killed in the motorcycle accident could also pursue a wrongful death claim for the value of the listed life.  The defendant’s auto insurance and umbrella insurance if here is one would cover this claim.  However, in Georgia the law only requires a liability auto policy of $25,000 per individual personal injury claim and $50,000 per accident.  In the case involving Mr. Fullerton, one can only hope that there will be much, much larger policy limits since it resulted in a death.  There are also additional coverages sometimes for uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage.
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