Pedestrian accidents are accidents that involve an automobile striking a person. Pedestrian accidents occur quite frequently as pedestrians attempt to walk across the street or across private parking lots in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. If a pedestrian accident is caused by a negligent act by a driver, then a valid pedestrian personal injury claim is created. The pedestrians struck by a vehicle are often catastrophic injured or killed. Pedestrian accident lawyer Richard Griffin and his Atlanta based law firm, the Griffin Law Firm, have had great success handling pedestrian accident claims since 1995.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics – Below are some of the most interesting facts about pedestrian accidents in the U.S.:

1. The U.S. has a population of 313,914,040. Every year there are about 6,278 fatalities from pedestrian accidents. This means that about .019% of the population is killed in pedestrian accidents every year.

2. The most dangerous time of the year for pedestrian accidents is January 1 through October 31.

3. Pedestrian accidents involving fatalities are more likely to occur between the hours of 3am and 6am on the weekends. This is probably the case because of more pedestrian and drivers are drinking alcohol on the weekends at night.

4. The most fatalities occur during the hours of 6pm and 9pm. This is probably true because there are more pedestrians walking on the streets and parking lots during this time period and this is when it is dark.

5. More men are killed in pedestrian accidents than woman every year.

6. Pedestrians who are older than 64 are more likely to be killed if involved in a pedestrian accident. This may be true because older people are more frail and may have a more difficult time recovering without complications.

7. Pedestrians with higher blood alcohol levels have a greater chance of being killed in a pedestrian accident. If the pedestrian accident involves a DUI drunk driver, the punitive damages are allowed. Punitive damages are damages to punish the defendant to try to deter the bad conduct in the future.

8. Pedestrian accidents involving fatalities occur more often at night rather than during the day.

9. Pedestrian accidents are more likely to involve fatalities on roads that have higher speed limits.

  1. Approximately 45% of the pedestrian accidents involving deaths involve alcohol.
  2. 20% of all pedestrian accidents involve hit and run drivers. Hit and run drivers who strike a pedestrian and flee the scene are subject to punitive damages in addition to the compensatory damages (medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering).

Personal injury lawyer Richard Griffin uses jury verdict research to negotiate higher settlements for his clients. In a recent case published in The Georgia Trial Reporter a pedestrian injured by a Dekalb County negligent driver settled her case for $87,500.00. The case was Albert D. Manze v. Carlos A. Salazar, Luz M. Long, and Mexi-Cali, Inc.

  • Accident: This pedestrian accident claim involved a Dekalb County personal injury claimant who was struck while walking across a parking lot of a local auto detailer.
  • Injuries: His injuries included head trauma, concussion, nose fracture, possibly displaced cervical vertebrae, lip laceration, right knee injury, and right wrist injury.
  • Medical Expenses and Lost Wages: The pedestrian personal injury plaintiff had medical bills totaling $20,835 and lost wages of $12,606. In addition to these damages that totaled $33,441,
  • Pain and Suffering: Georgia personal injury claims also allow for pain and suffering.

In light of the injuries in this case, Atlanta personal injury attorney Richard Griffin is a little surprised this case did not settle for more since the injuries were serious and the venue was Dekalb County, Georgia. However, subtle changes in the facts regarding the injuries and the liability in the case can make a huge difference in the outcome and value of the Georgia personal injury claim. Dekalb County is a venue where jury verdicts and settlements often are higher than many of the other counties in Georgia. Jury Verdict Research is helpful in determining how much a case is worth based on the total damages, the types of injuries suffered, and the venue. A quick search of the settlement and verdict values of similar personal injury claims in Dekalb County, Georgia revealed the following:

1. Dekalb County auto accident personal injury claim with $27,259 in medical expenses settled before a lawsuit was filed for $100,000. The injuries included multilevel disc disease in the back, head physical injury, and neck soft tissue injury.

2. Dekalb County auto accident personal injury claim with $34,228 in medical expenses settled after a lawsuit was filed for $100,000.00. The injuries included an ankle fracture, knee meniscus tear, closed head injury, and soft tissue injuries to the back.

3. Dekalb County auto accident personal injury claim with $35,000 in medical expenses settled after a lawsuit was filed for $100,000.00. The injuries included soft tissue injuries to the back, a closed head injury, and soft tissue injuries to the neck.

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