People often want to know how much their personal injury claim is worth.  Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney Richard Griffin explains that there are a lot of different factors, but the extent of the injury is a big one.  One example is William Corley and Michelle Corley v. Floyd County Medical Services and Charles Thaxton, No. 13CV-00105-KFL002.  In this recent motorcycle accident case in Floyd County that resulted in a jury verdict of $8.6 million dollars for a motorcyclist who suffered a leg injury that required an amputation.

What was the basis of this verdict of over $8.6 million?

  • Past medical treatment = $422,000
  • Future medical treatment =$2,000,000
  • past lost earnings = $178,000
  • past pain and suffering = $5,500,000

The jury heard testimony that the personal injury claimant would always walk with a limp, he would always suffer from a great deal of pain while walking on his prosthesis, and would have to take it off and use a wheelchair every night.  This resulted in pain and suffering from the jury of $5,500,000.  The prosthetic leg would have to be replaced every 3 to 5 years for a projected cost of $2,000,000.

Every case is different and other important factors in determining the value of a personal injury claim include:

  • type and extent of the injury
  • did the treatment involve injections and surgeries
  • type and cost of the past and future medical treatment
  • extent of permanent injury and permanent impairment
  • extent of disrupti0n to the claimant’s life (negative impact)
  • extent and intensity of the pain
  • did the defendant’s conduct create punitive damage exposure?
  • does your motorcycle accident attorney have a high degree of skill and experience

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