All About Timing

Hiring an attorney. Yes, this needs to be one of the steps you take right after an accident happens but hiring the right one can also make all the difference in the world. Personal Injury Attorney Richard Griffin of Griffin Law Firm joins me now to talk a little bit more about Workers' [...]

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Ending up on top

Alright guys, you know what happens sometimes? Accidents happen! Right then and there. Whether it's a Personal Injury, Workers' Comp or even a Social Security Case, you should get help. Personal Injury Attorney Richard Griffin of Griffin Law Firm joins me right now to talk about the speediness and why it's so important. Right, it [...]

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Let us go to work for you.

You will more than likely face financial problems. You know, this is a big deal right here. That being the case, it is important and beneficial to hire the right attorney for your Workers' Comp or Personal Injury Claim. With me now is Personal Injury Attorney Richard Griffin. Richard, thank you for coming [...]

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Workers’ Comp and Personal Injury

Workers’ Comp and Personal Injury. Are you being fairly represented? At the desk with me now is, Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney, Attorney Richard Griffin. Richard, thank you for coming in again. Glad to be here. Okay, we're going to start off talking about adjusters. So tell me exactly what they do. What's their job? [...]

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