Well, you may think that all you need to do after an accident is call your insurance company and head to the hospital with any injuries. But before you cut that help off at those two, you’re going to need to consider hiring an attorney to get what’s rightfully yours.

Personal Injury Attorney Richard Griffin of Griffin Law Firm is here to break down, why it is so important to immediately reach out to an attorney.

Absolutely! Well, the insurance companies job and the adjuster’s job is to try to deny the claim or settle it for as little as possible. They have a lot of resources a lot of experience the only way to really even that playing field is to hire an attorney. Making sure you hire the right attorney, the one that’s going to listen to you and keep you updated with your case. That’s going to make the biggest difference in how much you eventually get in your settlement.

Richard, some people might think, “Why do I need one? That may actually cost me more in the end.”

Well, that’s a good question. As you can imagine, insurance adjusters are going to their goal is to pay you as little as possible. If you don’t have an attorney fighting for you then they’re going to win the battle. There have been studies have shown that typically you’re going to get 3.5 times more money if you hire an attorney than if you try to do it yourself. 3.5 times is a lot of money. So paying that small attorney fee vs netting a lot more it makes a whole lot of sense to hire the attorney.

Absolutely. Okay now here’s a question a lot of people are wondering. Are you guys all the same? How you know how do you keep yourself separate from everybody else?

Right. Well, Attorneys are- Just like there are different personalities, there are different talent levels, experience levels- Finding the attorney that’s going to meet your needs and specialized in Personal Injury, able to really keep that communication (as it needs to be). Then, somebody that’s really willing to fight hard for you. Those are the big factors. We have been blessed because a lot of our clients; they come back to us. That’s important. That lets me know we’re doing the right thing. We want to make sure we deliver everything that we promise. In fact, we want to deliver even more so that they’ll remember us and they’ll they’ll keep that number 877-PAIN-LAW handy, so that when they need us again or if they have a family member that needs us they’ll remember to give us a call.

They could call right now because you guys are literally on the hot seat ready to go as soon as someone calls. You just hit the nail on the head saying that you’re keeping an open communication you actually have clients who have come in not as once but coming to you a second time.

We have. You’re going to hear from one of my actual clients (in his own words). He’s going to describe how(over the course of a short period of time about six months) we were able to get him a Workers’ Comp Settlement and a Personal Injury Settlement. I remember on the Workers’ Comp Settlement he had another attorney that he wasn’t happy with. Things weren’t moving right. He decided he needed a change. He hired us and inside of 60 days, we got him $75,000. Now he was wanting to settle for $60,000 because he needed the money right then.  I said, “Look, give me five more days to work and I think it’ll really pay off. We got him $75,000. Then within a couple of months (unfortunately), he had another accident. It was a head-on collision and he needed us again. We were able to get him the medical treatment he needed on a lien and then we got him all the policies stacked in an $80,000 recovery. So he was very very happy. It turned out (as happens often) his wife he got injured on the job and we’re him to help her as well. So we can listen to his how he felt about that representation now.

That’s a good chain reaction to have. You helped out the gentleman, then his wife needs you. Yeah, let’s go ahead and find out how he was absolutely impressed by you guys.

“My workman’s comp claim happened in August. Approximately six months later I was involved in an auto accident. A lady ran a red light- t-boned me and 877-PAIN-LAW took that case. Within approximately 10 months they settled both cases around $155,000. I couldn’t ask for any better.”

Richard thank you.

So, people can literally call you right now- They can call you again later after you help them the first time and just keep that ball rolling especially if you know if anybody else like you said who needs help shoot them right over to you Richard, thank you.

Thank you

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