Great personal injury settlements are no accident.  They happen because of the hard work of an experienced personal injury lawyer.  Our mission is to convince insurance companies into paying much more than they want to pay.  The Griffin Law Firm is here to get you the great settlement that you need and deserve.

Top Negotiating Techniques: 

Some of the top negotiating techniques include:

Great Medical Treatment Plans:

It is very important that you get all of the medical treatment and testing that you need.  This proves that your injuries are serious.  The Griffin Law Firm helps you get the best medical treatment whether you have health insurance or not.  Your treatment can be paid for by health insurance, med-pay coverage, doctor liens, or medical funding.  Treatment should be based on what you need to get better.   Insufficient medical treatment guarantees a small settlement.

Medical Expenses:

Big settlements almost always involve injuries that require a lot of expensive treatment.  However, the treatment must be reasonable and needed.  Attorney Richard Griffin has recovered millions of dollars for his clients when the treatment includes pain management or surgery.  Pain management usually includes facet injections, epidural steroid injections, or nerve ablations.  We can get you even bigger settlements if future treatment is needed.

Avoid Gaps in Care:

Adjusters are always looking for reasons to pay you less for your claim.  They look for gaps in care to support low ball offers.  Gaps in care usually are delays in seeking medical treatment or a lot of missed appointments.  Our injury attorneys can still negotiate great recoveries even when there are some gaps in care.  However, it does make it harder.

Eggshell Plaintiffs:

Insurance Adjusters often make low offers if the property damage to your vehicle is low.  Their argument is that if the car wasn’t damaged much, then you couldn’t have been hurt. Attorney Richard Griffin was able to recover $235,000 on a case that involved only $1,200 of property damage. This was because our client was an eggshell plaintiff.  This means that our client’s prior surgery made it easier for him to get injured even in a low impact collision.

Medical Documentation:

The insurance company will not negotiate without medical documentation from your treatment.  This medical documentation includes your medical bills, narratives, and medical records. You should never sign the adjuster’s medical release if you representing yourself.  This allows the adjuster to get medical records from any doctor you have ever seen.  To avoid this, we get all of the medical records for our clients so that the adjuster is limited to only the medical records auto accident injuries.  The Griffin Law Firm often uses medical narratives to prove your treatment costs.  As you can imagine, this often greatly increases your settlement.

Lost Wage Documentation:

Gather lost wage documentation from your employer so you can prove the adjuster exactly how much income you lost.  You will also need to get a doctor’s work excuse to show you were taken off work.  For catastrophic cases, attorney Richard Griffin even utilizes economists, vocational rehab experts, and permanent impairment evaluators to prove all of the future lost income.  Catastrophic injuries often involve spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, fractures, and other permanently disabling injuries.

Jury Verdict Research:

The Griffin Law Firm has the latest jury verdict research. This is a paid service that allows us to get information that is not available from internet searches.  Our jury verdict research finds similar cases with huge recoveries and uses them to get much higher settlements from the adjusters. Similar case would include cases with the same injuries, medical treatment, medical expenses, lost wages, punitive damage exposure, and many other factors.  Hire us so we can put this invaluable negotiate tool at work for you.

Aggressive Negotiations:

Over the last twenty-five years, the Griffin Law Firm has learned how to present the evidence in the most compelling light.  When we are involved, the insurance company can either pay the full value of the case or be drug into court.

Litigation when Necessary:

Since litigation is a long expensive process, it is only the best option when adjuster’s offer is unreasonable.  A good settlement without litigation avoids the delay and expense of litigation. However, if the adjuster is not negotiating fairly, then litigation teaches them a lesson.  Our firm fighting for you to make sure you get the best possible result.

Free Case Evaluation:

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