Does a termination end your workers’ comp claim?  No. In Georgia, a workers’ compensation claim continues even if the injured worker is fired by his or her employer.  If employers could end workers’ comp claims with a quick termination, then on the job accidents would be the death sentence to every job.  Attorney Richard Griffin helps injured workers get their lives back.

Hiring an experienced workers’ comp attorney reduces the risk of termination. Our clients are rarely fired while we represent them.  Why?  Because employers probably know that a wrongful termination could result in additional litigation.  The Griffin Law Firm provides guidance, help, and protection so you can successfully navigate the complex workers’ compensation claims process.

Does a termination hurt the value of your workers’ comp claim?  If an injured worker makes terrible decisions after a job termination, then it can damage his or her claim severely.  Employers sometimes harass their injured workers with light-duty jobs that are not within their work limitations.   Unsuitable light-duty work offers aren’t possible if they fire you.  If the workers’ comp insurance company refuses to pay your income benefit check or provide your medical treatment, call attorney Richard Griffin now so we can right this wrong.

The Griffin Law Firm has a track record of great workers’ comp settlements.  How do we do it?  Our injury lawyers know how to maximize the value of your workers’ comp claim in every case.  We accomplish this by keeping the adjuster’s feet to the fire.  Here are the ways that we help injured workers:

  • Income Benefit Checks: Our workers’ comp attorneys fight to make sure the adjuster pays you the weekly income benefit checks you are entitled to receive.  If an adjuster unjustly stops your checks, then we request a hearing and seek a 15%-20% penalty plus an assessed attorney fee.
  • Medical Treatment: We make sure you get all of the medical treatment and testing that is being recommended by the doctors.  Injured workers are amazed when we can get approval for medical treatment and medical testing that adjusters denied before they hired us.  We also help you change doctors when the current workers’ comp doctor is no longer helping you get better or is returning you to work before you are physically able to work.
  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits: Our injury attorneys make sure you are evaluated for a permanent partial disability rating when you reach maximum medical improvement.  Then we use this to get you paid or as the basis for a great workers’ comp settlement.  Our workers’ comp settlements always include your permanent partial disability projection or actual rating.
  • Workers’ Comp Settlements: The Griffin Law Firm helps with every aspect of your workers; comp claim.  However, most clients are the most grateful for the significant settlement we negotiate for them.  Great settlements don’t happen without the hard work of talented workers’ comp lawyers.  Our injury attorneys utilize the best strategies to ensure your workers’ comp claims end with a win that helps you get your life back.

Free Consultation:  You can call the Griffin Law Firm at 877-PAIN-LAW to get the answers you need for your workers’ comp claim.  You can be signed up in 20 minutes or less on the phone, at our office, or even at your home.

Free Settlement Calculator:  Want to know the value of your workers’ comp claim?  Use our free settlement calculator to find out today.


Don’t delay.  Call us today to get the help you need to get your life back after a devastating on the job injury.


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