A personal injury settlement compensates an injured claimant for his or her medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  If the negligent driver was guilty of DUI (driving under the influence), then the personal injury settlement can include punitive damages too.  Punitive damages can significantly increase the value of your personal injury claim.  The Griffin Law Firmfights hard to make sure your settlement also takes into consideration your projected future medical treatment as well.  By using specific examples of your pain and suffering, attorney Richard Griffin dramatically increases the value of your settlement.  Pain and suffering can include your physical pain, your mental anguish, as well as any limitations of your activities.  Our firm uses the state-of-the-art jury verdict research to convince the adjuster to settle for more money to avoid litigation.

Do you need an attorney, or can you negotiate a personal injury settlement on your own?

Studies have shown that personal injury claimants recover a lot less when they try to negotiate their personal injury settlement themselves.  Why?  Because the insurance company knows that you do not see the value of your claim and can’t litigate if their offers are low.  One study even found that claimants usually recover three times more if they have a personal injury lawyer even after paying the attorney fee.  It is not surprising that another study by the Insurance Research Council found that the number of claimants hiring an attorney is increasing dramatically.  The Griffin Law Firm has a track record of great personal injury settlements.  There is no attorney fee unless you win.  We also negotiate medical bill reductions that can save you thousands of dollars.  Our biggest weapon is that adjusters know that if they do not make fair offers, then we will litigate for the best possible jury verdict.

What does a personal injury settlement disbursement include?

There should always be a written settlement statement when an attorney is disbursing a personal injury settlement.  Elements of a settlement statement include:

  • Attorney Fee: Our firm only charges 33 1/3% of the settlement for our attorney fee.  You don’t pay anything unless you win your case.
  • Firm Expenses: The firm usually gets reimbursed for the actual cost of handling the claim.  These expenses can include the postage, copies, medical record charges, the cost of doctor narratives, filing fees, service of process fees, and other costs needed to document your claim correctly.
  • Medical Expenses: We recommend you use your health insurance if you can.  Medical Pay Coverage is also helpful when you have this coverage on your auto insurance policy. However, the Griffin Law Firm can also help you get the treatment you need on a lien basis or through medical funding.  The Griffin Law Firm also negotiates medical bill reductions whenever possible, to dramatically increase the client’s net proceeds.
  • Health Insurance Subrogation: Sometimes, your health insurance can get paid from your settlement via a subrogation claim.  The Griffin Law Firm often can negotiate reductions or even a waiver of these subrogation claims.
  • Client Proceeds: The money that remains after the above deductions is your net proceeds.  The Griffin Law Firm always works hard to make sure you net as much as possible from your personal injury settlement.  Our goal is to make sure you never get less money than our attorney fee.

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