In Georgia can you get punitve damages when the defendant is texting while driving?

Can you recovery punitive damages in a Georgia personal injury claim if a negligent driver is texting?  Currently texting and driving is certainly evidence of negligence, but there is not a Georgia case yet that allows it to be the basis for punitive damages.  The argument that texting should allow punitive damages would be based on the fact that texting while driving [...]

Adjusters make low personal injury offers if your car damage is low

Adjusters and their defense attorneys will often refuse to make fair offers if the property damage to the vehicle you were in didn't have much property damage.  They  argue that if the property damage is low, then there isn't any mechanism for injury.  This is a fancy way of saying if the metal didn't get [...]

Bad Faith Actions Against Personal Injury Insurance Companies

What is the biggest problem facing many personal injury claimants who have huge personal injury claims?  The biggest problem is recovering for damages that exceed the available insurance coverage.  There is nothing worse than having a personal injury claim that is worth more than the available insurance coverage.  Defendants are liable for the damages caused [...]

What makes a personal injury case have a high value?

People often don't understand why some personal injury cases are worth a great deal more than others.  The first factor to consider is always the extent of your injuries from you car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or other personal injury accident.  As you would expect if your injuries are severe, permanent, or catastrophic, then the [...]

Does Uninsured Motorist Insurance Cover Punitive Damages in Personal Injury Claims?

What is Uninsured or Under-insured motorist coverage:  Uninsured motorist coverage and Under-insured motorist coverage can be added to your auto policy and cover you for your personal injury claim if you are hurt due to the negligence of an uninsured or under-insured motorist.  The damages that are covered are your compensatory damages which include your [...]

Don’t miss the new PAIN LAW Talk Show with Adam Goldfein and Attorney Richard Griffin

Don't miss the new legal talk show, PAIN LAW that will air every Sunday at 12:30pm to 1:00pm.  This new television show features Adam Goldfein, as the Pain Law host, and attorney Richard Griffin of the Griffin Law Firm, as the legal expert and Pain Law co-host.  The first episode will air on August 18, [...]

Pedestrian Accident Causes 7 Car Pile up and 6 DUI Arrests in Atlanta, Georgia

Pedestrian accidents normally occur when a pedestrian is attempting to cross a road or walk across a parking lot.  However, on July 5, 2012 a pedestrian walked out onto I-75 south of Atlanta.  In Georgia, it is against Georgia law for a pedestrian to walk on or beside the interstate.  As automobiles attempted to miss [...]

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