Herniated disc? Griffin Law Firm delivers great results for these injury clients

Spinal disc herniations are often caused by auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, and work accidents.  If you have a disc herniation, then you must make the right decisions at every stage of your claim, or you could lose thousands of dollars.  The Griffin Law Firm has a history of great personal injury and workers' comp recoveries for cases involving herniated disc injuries.  To [...]

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Injury Attorneys help you make wise decisions about your medical treatment

Medical treatment is expensive.  It is even more expensive if your injuries involve disc herniations, spinal injuries, nerve injuries, bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, severe joint injuries, and other permanent injuries.  Why?  Because all of these injuries require extensive physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, pain management, and/or surgery.  If you hire the right attorney and make the right decisions about [...]

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Can Facebook hurt your injury claim?

Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media can be a tool used by insurance adjusters and their defense attorneys to damage your personal injury or workers' compensation claim.  Many people posted photographs and comments to social media without thinking that this could be used against them later when they least expect it.  Adjusters [...]

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Can pregnancy result in lower personal injury settlements?

Can the pregnancy of the personal injury claimant have an impact on the value of her case?  Yes.  Pregnancy or any other medical condition that limits the treatment an injured party can get can definitely have an impact on the value of the personal injury case in Atlanta and anywhere in Georgia.  Consulting with an [...]

Attorney Richard Griffin received highest rating of AV Preeminent again for 2015

Griffin Law Firm Attorney rated AV Preeminent The highest possible ranking an attorney can receive from Martindale-Hubble and lawyers.com is AV Preeminent.  This rating is reserved for attorneys who have demonstrated the highest possible legal skills and ethics, and is based on a peer review ranking from other clients, attorneys, and even judges.  Attorney Richard [...]

Snellville Injury Attorney Supports His Snellville Community

Successful attorneys are attorneys who have mastered their legal skills and know how to help their clients with their legal claims.  However, Snellville personal injury attorney, Richard Griffin, knows that it is also very important to support the community that you live in and work in.  This is the driving force behind the 877-PAIN-LAW's support [...]

Doctor Search Tool available from 877PainLaw

Doctor Search Tool:  Attorney Richard Griffin is committed to providing tools on our Pain Law website that help injured people get the information they need for their personal injury or workers' compensation claims.  One of Pain Law's newest tools is the Doctor Search Tool.  This tool can be used to help find the best possible doctor for you [...]

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AV Preeminent Rating awarded to Attorney Richard Griffin by Martindale-Hubble for 2014

Attorney Richard Griffin of the Griffin Law Firm and Pain Law is awarded the highest rating of AV Preeminent for legal ability and ethics for 2014 by Martindale-Hubble for personal injury and workers' compensation.  This rating is based on the evaluation of other attorneys in the areas of personal injury and workers compensation and by [...]

Heart Attack and Stroke Workers Compensation Claims in Georgia

Heart attacks and strokes that occur on the job can be the basis of workers compensation claims in Georgia.  Normally for heart attacks and strokes to be accepted claims they must occur while the worker is physically exerting himself or herself at work.  Valid workers compensation claims allow the injured worker to receive income benefits, [...]

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Does worker’s compensation cover loss of hearing in Georgia?

Hearing loss is a covered injury or condition under worker's Compensation in Georgia.  Georgia law treats this condition differently depending on whether the hearing loss is a traumatic hearing loss verses a occupational hearing loss.  These two types of worker's compensation hearing loss claims are further explained in the following: Traumatic Hearing Loss:  A traumatic [...]

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