In Georgia can you get punitve damages when the defendant is texting while driving?

Can you recovery punitive damages in a Georgia personal injury claim if a negligent driver is texting?  Currently texting and driving is certainly evidence of negligence, but there is not a Georgia case yet that allows it to be the basis for punitive damages.  The argument that texting should allow punitive damages would be based on the fact that texting while driving [...]

Attorney Richard Griffin received highest rating of AV Preeminent again for 2015

Griffin Law Firm Attorney rated AV Preeminent The highest possible ranking an attorney can receive from Martindale-Hubble and is AV Preeminent.  This rating is reserved for attorneys who have demonstrated the highest possible legal skills and ethics, and is based on a peer review ranking from other clients, attorneys, and even judges.  Attorney Richard [...]

Snellville Injury Attorney Supports His Snellville Community

Successful attorneys are attorneys who have mastered their legal skills and know how to help their clients with their legal claims.  However, Snellville personal injury attorney, Richard Griffin, knows that it is also very important to support the community that you live in and work in.  This is the driving force behind the 877-PAIN-LAW's support [...]

Tracy Morgan injured a Truck Accident with a Georgia Trucker

A tragic truck accident occurred in New Jersey on June 7, 2014 in Cranbury Township.  The alleged negligent truck driver, Keven Roper (age 35),  is a resident of Jonesboro, Georgia.  The accident involved a Wal-mart big rig swerving to avoid rear ending the Mercedes van carrying Tracy Morgan, a comedian formerly on Saturday Night Live, [...]

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AV Preeminent Rating awarded to Attorney Richard Griffin by Martindale-Hubble for 2014

Attorney Richard Griffin of the Griffin Law Firm and Pain Law is awarded the highest rating of AV Preeminent for legal ability and ethics for 2014 by Martindale-Hubble for personal injury and workers' compensation.  This rating is based on the evaluation of other attorneys in the areas of personal injury and workers compensation and by [...]

Does the Man falling to his death at a Braves game create a wrongful death claim?

Tragedy struck on August 12, 2013 at a recent Braves game when a young man, Ronald L. Homer, flipped over a railing and fell approximately 60 feet.  He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but died shortly there after.  Nothing can replace the place this man held in the hearts of his family and friends.  However, [...]

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Don’t miss the new PAIN LAW Talk Show with Adam Goldfein and Attorney Richard Griffin

Don't miss the new legal talk show, PAIN LAW that will air every Sunday at 12:30pm to 1:00pm.  This new television show features Adam Goldfein, as the Pain Law host, and attorney Richard Griffin of the Griffin Law Firm, as the legal expert and Pain Law co-host.  The first episode will air on August 18, [...]

Does Tryvon Martin’s Family have a Wrongful Death Claim against George Zimmerman?

The criminal trial against Georgie Zimmerman for second degree murder and manslaughter resulted in a not guilty verdict.  However, this only addressed and adjudicated the criminal claim the state of Florida had against George Zimmerman.  There may be a civil action for wrongful death available for the Tryvon Martin family to pursue which would be [...]

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What is the best way to pick your injury attorney?

Selecting your personal injury, worker's compensation, or social security disability attorney is a very important decision and will completely determine whether you receive a great settlement or not.  It is best not to leave this important decision to chance.  Injury attorney Richard S. Griffin of 877-PAIN-LAW recommends that research three specific areas when evaluating any [...]

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