Good representation with good customer service.  [Rating – Above Average]

  • Worker’s Compensation Client – Angelika H.
  • Atlanta, Georgia  (Fulton County)

They are good lawyers and always explained everything to me clearly.  They were on top of everything.  I appreciate all they did.  [Rating-Excellent]

  • Worker’s Compensation Client – Taraka H.
  • Athens, Georgia    (Clark County)

They always kept me informed on any changes in the case.  You never have to worry about their case because they are working hard for you.  [Rating-Excellent]

  • Worker’s Compensation Client – Christina C.
  • Decatur, Georgia   (Dekalb County)

Great communication and results.  [Rating – Excellent]

  • Atlanta, Georgia    (Fulton County)

They answered all of my questions and were very helpful.  [Rating- Above Average]

  • Auto Accident and Diminished Value Client – Demetria H.
  • Loganville, Georgia         (Gwinnett County)

I was able to get in touch when I needed them.  They kept me abreast of what was going on.  [Rating-Above Average]

  • Worker’s Compensation Client – E. Mcgill
  • Atlanta, Georgia    (Fulton County)

Communication was good.  This firm really looks out for the client.  They were nice and returned calls in a timely and knowledgeable manner.  [Rating- Above Average]

  • Auto Accident Client – Robin S.
  • Snellville, Georgia          (Gwinnett County)

They did a great job handling my case.  You always knew what was going on with your case.  [Rating – Excellent]

  • Car Accident Client – Lavola W.
  • Atlanta, Georgia    (Fulton County)

They did a great job keeping in touch with me about my case.  [Rating – Excellent]

  • Personal Injury Client – Yolanda C.
  • McDonough, Georgia      (Henry County)

Good lawyers who are good at explaining claims to their clients.  They were on top of everything.  [Rating – Excellent]

  • Worker’s Compensation Client – Taraka H.
  • Athens, Georgia    (Clarke County)