We encourage you to fill out the below Personal Injury Settlement Calculator form so we can provide you a free settlement evaluation for your claim. Knowing the settlement range for your case gives you a goal. Hiring the Griffin Law Firm gives you the representation you need to get the great recovery that you deserve.

What are some of the factors that are the basis for any personal injury settlement evaluation?

  • Liability: Was the other party negligent and did this cause your injuries?

  • What type of accident was involved? (Auto accident, dog bite, slip and fall, etc.)

  • How much insurance coverage is there for your personal injury claim?

  • Injury: How serious are your injuries?

  • Treatment: How much treatment will you require and will it include injections or surgery?

  • Medical Expenses: How much did your treatment cost?

  • Lost Wages: How much will your lost wages be?

  • Punitive Damages: Was the defendant guilty of DUI or hit and run?

How long will it take usually take to get your Personal Injury Settlement Calculator results?

We will make every effort to get you the projected settlement range for your case within 24 hours or less. However, we often need to discuss the facts of your case with you in a phone conservation because even slight changes in the facts of your case can have a huge impact in the actual value of your case.

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