How do we determine what your monthly social security disability benefits are likely to be?

  • There are a lot of factors which determine what your likely monthly social security disability benefit will be. We encourage you to submit the information requested in the Social Security Benefit Calculator so that we can provide you an estimate of what you would receive if you win your social security disability claim. The accuracy of this evaluation is directly related to the accuracy of the information you provide.

Why should you call us for a social security disability consultation rather than just using this Social Security Disability Benefit Calculator?

  • During a social security claim consultation we can let you know if we think you will win your social security benefits claim. We can also let you know if you fall in to the big category of disabled applicants that are denied at first, but are likely to win their social security disability benefits if they hire an experienced social security disability lawyer for your appeal.
  • It is also critical to know that you usually have deadline of 60 days to appeal your initial denial so you should call us as soon as possible if you have been denied.

How quickly can you expect your Social Security Disability Benefit Calculator results to be received?

  • The Griffin Law Firm will make every effort to provide you the results of this social security disability benefit evaluation within 24 hours.