We encourage you to fill out the below Workers’ Compensation Settlement Calculator form so we can provide you a free settlement evaluation for your claim. It is an incredible resource to find out the settlement range for your case because knowing what your case is worth can be confusing. Using the Settlement Calculator resource plus hiring the Griffin Law Firm gives you a great opportunity for getting the great settlement you need and deserve.

What are some of the factors that are the basis for any workers’ comp settlement evaluation?

The value of a worker’s’ comp claim is based on the exposure the workers’ compensation insurance company and the employer face to future medical expenses, income benefits, and permanent partial disability benefits. The past money spent by the workers’ compensation insurance company is relevant to the extent of your injuries, but future exposures are the key. Attorney Richard Griffin and the Griffin Law Firm can help you understand not only the likely settlement range for your case, but how we can help you get that recovery that you need and deserve.

The most common factors in determining the value of a workers’ comp claim include the following:

– How severe are your injuries?
– How limiting are your work restrictions, and how long will they likely remain?
– How will your future medical treatment cost?
– Will you have any permanent impairment ratings (loss of use of part of your body)?

When can you expect to receive your Workers’ Comp Settlement Calculator results?

The Griffin Law Firm will make every effort to provide your the estimated settlement range for your workers’ comp claim within 24 hours. Since there are a lot of complex issues, we strongly recommend you call us in addition to requesting your Settlement Calculator to discuss your claim further. This will allow you to understand the best course of action for your case. Often workers’ comp claims have a value that changes on a monthly or even weekly basis. This means that settlement timing is critical and requires representation by an experienced workers’ comp lawyer to getting the workers’ comp settlement you need and deserve.