Social Security Checklist:

You will need to gather the following information for your Social Security Disability Application:

  • Medical Providers: Make a list of the contact information for all of your past medical providers.
  • Job History: Make a list of the types of jobs you have performed in the last 15 years.
  • Medical Conditions: Make a list of the medical conditions that negatively impact your ability to work.
  • Medical Treatment: Make a list of your current medical treatment or medications that make it hard for you to work.
  • Disability Onset Date: What was the date that your medical condition first started making it hard for you to work?
  • Education: Make a summary of your education listing the grade you completed or the degree(s) you have earned and when you received the degree. As a general rule it is easier of you to win your disability benefits if you do not have any degrees.
  • Job Training: Make a summary of any special job training or trade school courses you have completed and when you received the training. As a general rule it is easier to win your disability benefits if you do not have a lot of job certifications or training.
  • Age: Your age makes a difference. As a general rule, the older you are the easier it usually is to win your disability benefits.

How can you apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Do you need a Social Security Lawyer? Yes. If you apply and are denied, then you normally must appeal your denial within 60 days. It is well established that applicants normally do not win their Social Security Disability appeal without being represented by an experienced lawyer.

How much is the attorney fee? We handle Social Security Disability claims on a 25% contingency fee basis so you only pay if we win your case. The attorney fee is charged on the back benefits recovered with a maximum attorney fee of $6,000. This is a small price to pay since you will not likely win these disability benefits without an attorney and you do not pay any attorney fee on the ongoing monthly benefits you continue to receive.

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