$235,000 Personal Injury Settlement on a Case Rejected by 5 Attorneys

Attorney Richard Griffin and the Griffin Law Firm has negotiated great recoveries on injury cases that have been rejected or dropped by other attorneys.  This means that we will dig into the facts of your case to see if there is any way to overcome potential weaknesses in the case.  Making this extra effort has resulted in many great settlements for clients who had the courage to make the call to 877-PAIN-LAW for a free case evaluation.

One example of this involved a client that had been injured in an auto accident that was caused by a negligent driver making an improper lane change.  The negligent driver suddenly veered into our client’s lane to avoid debris in the road.  This improper lane change caused our client to lose control and spin off the road and into the emergency lane.  There was very little property damage to our client’s car because there was no impact with the negligent driver’s vehicle.  The client called 5 attorneys before he called PAIN LAW and was rejected by all five attorneys for the following reasons:

  • The adjuster had denied liability since there was no contact between their insured’s vehicle and the injured party.
  • The property damage was less than $2,000 so the adjuster did not believe that the client could have been injured in this low impact case.  This means that adjuster did not believe there was a mechanism for injury.

How did attorney Richard Griffin turn this rejected case into a $235,000 settlement?  We took the time to ask additional questions during the case evaluation with this intake.   The information missed by the other five attorneys was that the claimant had a prior back surgery called a lumbar disc fusion.  We knew that this prior surgery made the client at great risk of injury even in low impact collisions.  When the client received the treatment and diagnostic testing, the doctors recommended and he had an additional disc fusion surgery.  The collision had herniated the discs above and below the previous fusion.  After the surgery, we were able to negotiate this $235,000 settlement even though there were the previous weaknesses that the adjuster and the prior attorneys had been unable or unwilling to put to the side in their evaluation.

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident or workers’ comp accident, you should call us for a free case evaluation.  We will take the time to ask detailed questions to truly evaluate the true value of your case.  We will also take the time to answer your questions and explain how we can help you get the great personal injury or workers’ comp settlement that you need and deserve.