Claimant’s Checklist for Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claims:

The Griffin Law Firm wants you to know what to do if you are injured on the job. It is important that you make the right decisions, or your workers’ comp claim could be negatively impacted. We recommend that you call us today at 877-PAIN-LAW (877-724-6529) to discuss the specifics of your case.

The following checklist identifies many of the important issues involving workers’ compensation claims. However, please be aware that this information does not replace the need for good legal representation to make sure you receive all of your income benefits, medical benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, and ultimately a great workers’ comp settlement.

  • Notice to the Employer: You should notify your employer as soon as possible if you are injured on the job. If you do not provide notice within 30 days, then your claim may be barred.
  • State Board Notice of Claim: The Statute Of Limitations for filing a WC-14 Notice of Claim with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation can be as short as one year. If you miss this deadline, then your claim may be barred. Hiring our firm will make sure that this notice is filed timely and correctly.
  • Emergency Medical Treatment: If you are injured on the job and need emergency medical treatment, then you should get it. Workers’ comp does cover emergency room treatment if you have a valid claim.
  • Follow Up Medical Treatment: If you need follow up medical treatment, then it should be from authorized workers’ comp doctors. You can call us at 877-PAIN-LAW to find out how to use your employer’s Posted Panel of Physicians to make the best doctor choice for your injures. The workers’ comp insurer does not have to pay for medical treatment from personal doctors only authorized workers’ comp doctors.
  • Lost Wages: Lost wages are paid weekly through workers’ comp income benefits. If you are not able to work, then you should call us to find out how much you are entitled to receive and to find out how we can get them started even if the adjuster is refusing to pay your income benefits.
  • Medical Bills and Prescriptions: The workers’ compensation insurance company must pay for authorized medical treatment and prescriptions if you have a valid claim. The Griffin Law Firm makes sure that these expenses are paid timely, or we request a hearing. It is important to know that all medical bills and prescriptions must be paid within one year of the date of service, or the workers’ comp insurer may not have to pay for it.
  • Mileage Reimbursements: You should keep a diary of your mileage to and from the workers’ comp doctors and to and from the pharmacy as well. You are entitled to be reimbursed for this mileage directly from the workers’ comp adjuster. The adjuster will often not have to pay for mileage if it is not submitted within a year from the date it was incurred. We make sure our clients are reimbursed mileage fairly and timely.
  • Permanent Impairment Ratings: If you are assigned a permanent partial disability rating from an authorized workers’ comp doctor, then you are entitled to permanent partial disability benefits. If you hire our workers’ comp firm, then we will make sure you are paid these benefits, or use your permanent partial disability benefits to increase your workers’ comp settlement.

Why should you hire the Griffin Law Firm for your workers’ compensation claim?

  • Medical Benefits: Attorney Richard Griffin and his attorneys will make sure your medical treatment is timely authorized and timely paid for by the workers’ comp adjuster. Workers’ comp claimants who represent themselves, often struggle to get the recommended treatment authorized and paid for by the workers’ comp insurer.
  • Income Benefits: The Griffin Law Firm will make sure your comp rate is calculated correctly. It is amazing how often the adjuster pays a comp rate that is lower than it should be. We also fight to make sure your checks arrive timely each week. Adjusters are notorious for paying income benefits late, for missing a week, or for stopping the income benefits prematurely.
  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits: This benefit compensates you for a permanent partial disability rating. These ratings come from the workers’ comp doctors when you have reached maximum medical improvement. The biggest settlements often occur before you receive this rating so we encourage you to call us as soon as possible.
  • Settlement: Workers’ compensation settlements rarely happen unless injured workers are represented by experienced workers’ comp lawyers. Good settlements require your attorney to work hard by keeping the adjuster’s feet to the fire to make sure all medical bills, income benefits, and permanent partial disability impairment benefits are paid timely and in the right amounts. If you wait too long to seek a settlement, then the value of your claim could disappear shortly after your medical treatment ends or you are returned to work regular duty.

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