Termination Doesn’t End Your Workers’ Comp Claim

Does a termination end your workers’ comp claim?  No. In Georgia, a workers’ compensation claim continues even if the injured worker is fired by his or her employer.  If employers could end workers’ comp claims with a quick termination, then on the job accidents would be the death sentence to every job.  Attorney Richard Griffin [...]

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Bad Faith Damages in Personal Injury Claims

Usually, the maximum an insurance company has to pay for a personal injury claim is their policy limits. In Georgia, the liability limits can be as low as $25,000.  When a personal injury claim is worth more than the insurance company’s policy limits, it is very unfair.  However, our injury attorneys at the Griffin Law [...]

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Crazy Excuses Adjusters Make for Unfair Settlement Offers

As an experienced personal injury attorney, Richard Griffin has negotiated tens of thousands of claims. During these negotiations, adjusters have made a lot of crazy excuses to support their unreasonably low offers. The adjusters, of course, want to settle personal injury claims for as little as possible. The Griffin Law Firm makes sure that the [...]

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Personal Injury Claims Involving D.U.I. Defendants

Auto accidents with injuries happen every day throughout our country.  These accidents often cause serious injuries or even death.  These tragedies are even sadder when they are caused by drunk drivers.  In an attempt to deter the terrible misconduct of D.U.I. Driving, Georgia law allows the personal injury claimants to recover punitive damages in addition [...]

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