Injured at work? You need to act now.

People who are injured in an on the job accident are immediately facing many critical decisions. If you make a mistake, then it could cost you big. These decisions include:

  • Notice to Employer: Injured employees must know how and when to provide notice of their workers’ comp accident to their employer.
  • Medical Treatment: Injured workers must know which doctors they can treat with to make sure the workers’ comp insurance company will have to pay for it.
  • Lost Wages: Workers who cannot work due to an injury have to know how to get workers’ comp to pay for their lost wages through weekly income benefits.

Why should you hire our firm for your workers’ comp claim?

Attorney Richard Griffin and his law firm, the Griffin Law Firm, will work hard to make sure you get all of the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve. Then when you are ready to settle, they will fight for the workers’ compensation settlement that you need and deserve.

How do you know that the Griffin Law Firm is the right law firm for you?

We encourage you to find out for yourself by using the following links:

  • Client Reviews
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Will you recover more if you hire an experienced workers’ comp attorney?

Yes. You do not have to pay a retainer when you hire us for your workers’ comp claim. And the good news is that the attorney fee is only 25% of the recovery, and we will never settle your claim without your permission. If your workers’ comp case does not settle, then you do not have to pay us from your recover. Attorney Richard Griffin knows that most injured workers will never receive a settlement if they attempt to handle it themselves. He also knows that when an injured worker settles a case on his or her own, then it is usually pennies on the dollar of the real value of their case. This is because workers’ comp adjusters are trained to try to settle your claim for as little as possible. Without an attorney, you are on the fast track to disappointment.

Why is timing so important in negotiating workers’ comp settlements?

Because the settlement value of your workers’ compensation claim can great increase or decrease as the facts of your case change. This means that if you wait until your treatment is done and you are returned to regular duty, then you have waited too long to get a good settlement. Workers’ comp settlements are highest under the following conditions:

  • Medical Treatment: The medical treatment is active, when it is likely to be expensive, and when it is likely to continue for along time.
  • Income Benefits: The treatment is likely to continue for a long time, when the future treatment is likely to be expensive, and when the claimant is likely to be off work receiving income benefits for a long time. Higher settlements are more likely when the comp rate is high.
  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits: These benefits increase greatly when your PPD rating and comp rate is high.

How much is your case worth?

Attorney Richard Griffin will evaluate the likely settlement value of your claim for free if you call 877-PAIN-LAW. You can also use the Workers’ Comp Settlement Calculator to submit your claim to us for a free settlement evaluation. The value is based on the future exposure the workers’ comp insurance company has in the areas of medical expenses, income benefits, and permanent partial disability benefits. Our law firm can make a huge difference in the value of your case by keeping the adjuster’s feet to the fire in paying for and authorizing recommended medical treatment and testing. We have also recovered large sums of money for under-paid past income benefits with a 15% penalty when adjusters have paid a comp rate that was too low or failed to pay for income benefits for weeks or months that should have been paid.

When should you hire us to help you with your workers’ comp claim?

Now. It is never too early to hire us to fight for you. However, if you wait too long, then your claim may lose a great deal of value since timing is so important in all workers’ comp claims. There are also deadlines for providing notice of your workers’ comp injury, as well as, a Statute Of Limitations that if expired could bar you from any recovery.

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