Dog bite claims can result in large personal injury claims due to severe injuries that often result from the viscous attack.  Many times the injuries can be disfiguring to the face and can leave permanent scars.  The cost of the medical treatment can be high especially when extensive plastic surgery is require.

Recently a dog bite settlement was negotiated in Illinois for 1.125 million dollars.  This is the largest dog bite personal injury settlement ever in Illinois.  The plaintiff was a teenager that was attacked by a bullmastiff with a history of attacking other people and animals.  The dog escaped from the dog owner’s fenced in backyard.  The injuries included wounds to the dog bite victim’s head, scalp, right arm, right shoulder, and thigh.  Extensive plastic surgery was required, but permanent scars could not be avoided.

Atlanta dog bite attorney Richard Griffin utilizes jury verdict research extensively to negotiate higher settlements for the Griffin Law Firm personal injury clients.  It appears that $450,000 is the highest Georgia settlement with similar facts.  In Georgia dog bite claims require the plaintiff to prove that the dog had a history of biting or that the dog owner violated the fencing and leasing laws in Georgia.

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