PI and WC Claims from the same Accident – $330,000

How can you have two different claims from the same accident?  If you are on the job when the accident occurs, and the accident is caused by the negligence of a third party (someone other than a co-worker or employer), then you can have both a personal injury and a workers’ compensation claim from the same accident.  Attorney Richard Griffin and the Griffin Law Firm (Pain Law) specialize in both which means we can implement strategies to get you the full value on both settlements.

One example is a client who was a heating and air technician who was driving his company truck when a negligent driver rear-ended him.  The auto accident results in a personal injury claim against the negligent driver. It also resulted in a workers’ comp claim against his employer since he was doing his job duties when this collision occurred.

Why is that important? Two claim means that our firm can get you two separate settlements.  For this heating and air technician, we negotiated a personal injury settlement of $250,000, as well as, a workers’ comp settlement of $80,000.   This combined settlement totaled $330,000 and the factors that control the settlement value of each type of claim are outlined below:

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