What is the Settlement Calculator?

The Settlement Calculator is a free service to people who are injured and have a personal injury, workers’ comp, or social security disability claim. If you would like to find out how much your injury case is worth, then you can submit information about your injury claim to attorney Richard Griffin and the Griffin Law Firm, and we will provide you with the estimated projected value of your injury claim.

Step 1: Select the Settlement Calculator for your type of case.

Step 2: You will receive an email or a call with our projected estimated value of your case.

What information is needed for a Settlement Calculator evaluation?

We recommend that you submit as much of the information requested in this settlement calculator as you can. The more information we have, the better our settlement evaluation can be. However, you can submit the form with less information if you do not have it available and we will still provide you the Settlement Calculator evaluation.

What does it cost to submit a request for a Settlement Calculator Report?

It is absolutely free. We are here to help and know that our representation can make a huge difference in the outcome of your personal injury, workers’ comp, or social security case.

How do we determine the value of your injury claim?

Attorney Richard Griffin utilizes his 22 plus years of experience, his extensive legal training and continued legal education, and when needed jury verdict research. Case value also assumes that you will be represented by an experienced injury attorney. Without representation, the expected recovery would be significantly less.

Why is it so value to you to find out what your injury case is worth?

Because knowing what your personal injury or workers’ comp case is worth gives you a goal. Hiring attorney Richard Griffin and the Griffin Law Firm will give you the professional representation needed to reach the goal of a settlement that fully compensates you.

Disclaimer: The Settlement Calculator evaluation is an projection or estimated case value only. Small changes in the facts can result in large changes in the value of the case. Further, injury case values are subject to change to a greater degree when the evaluation is done earlier in the case because there remains more unknowns. These reports are not intended to be used in settlement negotiations or litigation. Ultimately the value of any claim is ultimately determined by the results of attorney negotiations or litigation. It is also understood that the use of this Settlement Calculator does not create attorney representation since representation is only established when an Attorney Fee Contract is executed by the client and the Griffin Law Firm.

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