Free Police Report Tool:  The Pain Law website at has many incredible tools available to potential personal injury clients.  One of these tools is a form that will authorize us to retrieve your police report for you for free.  Attorney Richard Griffin provides this Police Report Request form to potential clients who are interested in hiring the Griffin Law Firm to handle their auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or other type of personal injury claim.  To request your free police report use the following link:

Pain Law Police Report Request

Why is it important to get your police report as quickly as possible?

  • Police Report Accuracy:  You can verify the facts to make sure the investigating officer .  Often if you don’t ask for corrections with any police report errors within a few days of the accident, the investigating officer will refuse to change the report.  Sometimes the police report will fail to list the passengers or have other errors that if not corrected could make it harder to prove the other driver was negligent the adjuster.
  • Insurance Information:  Often you will not have the liability adjuster’s information unless you have the police report.  In this past this was exchanged at the accident scene, but investigating police officers often discourage the exchange of information and simply tell you to get the police report.  Quick notice to the negligent driver’s insurance adjuster will speed up the property damage claim process.  It is also important that you provide written notice of any potential uninsured or under-insured motorist claims (UM claims) to the insurance company for the vehicle you were in, as well as to your own auto insurance carrier.  Failing to provide this required notice could void out your UM coverage.

Why would we provide a Police Report retrieval service for free?  877-PAIN-LAW offers this free police report service because it helps injured people and because it allows us to better evaluate your personal injury claim.   When we have more information we can better evaluate and advise you regarding your auto accident personal injury claim.

What important information is available on auto accident police reports?

  • date of accident (the Statute of Limitations in Georgia is 2 years for most personal injury claims)
  • negligent driver information (this is defendant information, possible secondary liability coverage, and establishes venue)
  • vehicle owner information
  • government entity involvement (Ante Litem notice is required for government defendants)
  • victim driver information (this documents the personal injury claimant information)
  • passenger information (this documents the contact information for all passengers)
  • insurance information for all drivers
  • contributing factors assigned by the police officer
  • citations issued by the police officer
  • accident description
  • witness information
  • alcohol use of drivers
  • property damage evaluation
  • liability evaluation (who was at fault)
  • wrecker information
  • injury and ambulance information

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