Motorcycle Accident Results in 8.6 Million Dollar Verdict

People often want to know how much their personal injury claim is worth.  Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney Richard Griffin explains that there are a lot of different factors, but the extent of the injury is a big one.  One example is William Corley and Michelle Corley v. Floyd County Medical Services and Charles Thaxton, No. 13CV-00105-KFL002.  [...]

Can pregnancy result in lower personal injury settlements?

Can the pregnancy of the personal injury claimant have an impact on the value of her case?  Yes.  Pregnancy or any other medical condition that limits the treatment an injured party can get can definitely have an impact on the value of the personal injury case in Atlanta and anywhere in Georgia.  Consulting with an [...]

In Georgia can you get punitve damages when the defendant is texting while driving?

Can you recovery punitive damages in a Georgia personal injury claim if a negligent driver is texting?  Currently texting and driving is certainly evidence of negligence, but there is not a Georgia case yet that allows it to be the basis for punitive damages.  The argument that texting should allow punitive damages would be based on the fact that texting while driving [...]

What do you do if two drivers cause your auto accident?

Many times car accidents are caused by more than one driver.  This can make it difficult to get paid on for your property damage and personal injury claims.  Attorney Richard Griffin of 877-PAIN-LAW use the following approach to deal with this situation: We set up the claim with the auto insurance adjuster for both drivers. We [...]

Adjusters make low personal injury offers if your car damage is low

Adjusters and their defense attorneys will often refuse to make fair offers if the property damage to the vehicle you were in didn't have much property damage.  They  argue that if the property damage is low, then there isn't any mechanism for injury.  This is a fancy way of saying if the metal didn't get [...]

Car Accident? Get your free Police Report Today

Free Police Report Tool:  The Pain Law website at has many incredible tools available to potential personal injury clients.  One of these tools is a form that will authorize us to retrieve your police report for you for free.  Attorney Richard Griffin provides this Police Report Request form to potential clients who are interested [...]

Defense Attorneys Argue Back Surgery was Unrelated

Personal injury cases involving surgery usually have a very high value.  So what do you think defense attorneys do when the auto accident claimant has injuries that require surgery?  He or she usually argues that the surgery was not related to the auto injuries.  If the surgery is not related to or caused by the auto accident, [...]

Bad Faith Actions Against Personal Injury Insurance Companies

What is the biggest problem facing many personal injury claimants who have huge personal injury claims?  The biggest problem is recovering for damages that exceed the available insurance coverage.  There is nothing worse than having a personal injury claim that is worth more than the available insurance coverage.  Defendants are liable for the damages caused [...]

What makes a personal injury case have a high value?

People often don't understand why some personal injury cases are worth a great deal more than others.  The first factor to consider is always the extent of your injuries from you car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or other personal injury accident.  As you would expect if your injuries are severe, permanent, or catastrophic, then the [...]

How do you know how much your pain and suffering is worth?

Can you get pain and suffering in Georgia personal injury claims?  Yes.  Georgia law does allow you to recover for your pain and suffering when you have a physical injury caused by someone else's negligence.  In Georgia you can't recover for your mental distress or pain and suffering unless there is actually a physical injury.  [...]

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