The Griffin Law Firm through their new PAIN LAW website now features a Settlement Calculator.  This new feature allows you to find out the projected value of your worker’s compensation or personal injury claim for free.  I’m attorney Richard Griffin.  Since I have been practicing personal injury and worker’s compensation in Georgia for nearly 20 years, I know that this is one of the main questions potential clients have.  Now you can find out if the adjuster’s offer is the bomb or just another low ball offer.

Why would I provide the Settlement Calculator for free?  I know that knowing the settlement range for your case can help some injured claimants know for sure that the adjuster is truly trying to take advantage of them.  Knowing the settlement range is only half the battle.  The bigger task and the task that requires our legal representation is getting the great recovery through negotiations or litigation.  The bottom line is that you need our help, and we are here to provide it!

How does the Settlement Calculator work?  You select the Settlement Calculator for your specific type of case and enter in as much of the information requested as you can.  Then I use my experience and resources to provide the best estimate of what the value is likely to be.  Please know that this is only an educated guess and that small changes in the facts can make huge changes in the likely value.  This is why you should also call us at 877-PAIN-LAW  (877-724-6529) for a detailed phone consultation as well.