On 08/01/13 on I-20 was shut down for many hours after one semi truck rear ended another semi truck. The collision resulted in one of the big trucks catching fire as a result of the high impact truck accident. .

Whenever a truck accident occurs the investigating officer normally tickets the at fault driver. Normally in truck accidents involving rear end collisions, the driver who rear ends the other vehicle is deemed negligent. This would allow the truck driver who was not at fault to pursue a personal injury claim for his or her injuries. The personal injury damages would include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

However, the injured truck driver who was not at fault could also pursue a workers comp claim if he or she was on the job when this accident occurred. Georgia workers comp claims allow for medical benefits, weekly income benefits, and permanent partial disability benefits.

Attorney Richard Griffin of the Griffin Law Firm have vast experience negotiating a great settlement of the personal injury claim and the workers compensation claim when this type of truck accident occurs.

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