Adjusters and their defense attorneys will often refuse to make fair offers if the property damage to the vehicle you were in didn’t have much property damage.  They  argue that if the property damage is low, then there isn’t any mechanism for injury.  This is a fancy way of saying if the metal didn’t get bent, then the collision was no big deal so no one could have been hurt.  Even though this argument is often compelling to Georgia jurors, it isn’t supported by the research.  Each of us is different and it is not fair or accurate to make huge generalizations about injury.  If you have had a previous injury, then you are often much more susceptible to future injury if you are in a car accident even one with lower property damage.  Another group of people who are often more easily injured are the elderly.  They tend to be less flexible and have lower muscle strength so they are more easily injured.  People who are at a great risk of injury are often referred to as “eggshell plaintiffs”.

In a recent case in DeKalb County (Deborah Buhite v. Waldo Wals, Case No. 13A46462), a jury awarded $3,894.  In this case there was little or no damage to the vehicle that the plaintiff was riding in. and the plaintiff didn’t complain of injury at the scene of the accident.  The plaintiff had claimed medical expenses of $7510 so this was a disappointing result for this plaintiff.

Attorney Richard Griffin has been able to have much success even when the property damage in a car accident is less than $2,000.  One such case involved a $235,000 settlement on a case where the property damage was only $1,500.  In fact in this case the plaintiff had been rejected by 5 other attorneys prior to hiring the Griffin Law Firm.  Mr. Griffin was able to use jury verdict research and the fact that his client had previously undergone a spinal surgery to convince an adjuster to settle for $235,000.

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