In Georgia can you get punitve damages when the defendant is texting while driving?

Can you recovery punitive damages in a Georgia personal injury claim if a negligent driver is texting?  Currently texting and driving is certainly evidence of negligence, but there is not a Georgia case yet that allows it to be the basis for punitive damages.  The argument that texting should allow punitive damages would be based on the fact that texting while driving [...]

What do you do if two drivers cause your auto accident?

Many times car accidents are caused by more than one driver.  This can make it difficult to get paid on for your property damage and personal injury claims.  Attorney Richard Griffin of 877-PAIN-LAW use the following approach to deal with this situation: We set up the claim with the auto insurance adjuster for both drivers. We [...]

Attorney Richard Griffin received highest rating of AV Preeminent again for 2015

Griffin Law Firm Attorney rated AV Preeminent The highest possible ranking an attorney can receive from Martindale-Hubble and is AV Preeminent.  This rating is reserved for attorneys who have demonstrated the highest possible legal skills and ethics, and is based on a peer review ranking from other clients, attorneys, and even judges.  Attorney Richard [...]

Failing to turn on turn signal is a common Car Accident Defense

Personal Injury Defenses:  Insurance companies and their defense attorneys often will attempt to defend a personal injury lawsuit by pointing out anything that they believe the personal injury claimant did wrong.  Often these defenses are raised even when it looks very clear that the defendant caused the auto accident to help convince the jury to [...]

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Snellville Injury Attorney Supports His Snellville Community

Successful attorneys are attorneys who have mastered their legal skills and know how to help their clients with their legal claims.  However, Snellville personal injury attorney, Richard Griffin, knows that it is also very important to support the community that you live in and work in.  This is the driving force behind the 877-PAIN-LAW's support [...]

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