What are pedestrian accidents and how often do they occur?

Pedestrian accidents are accidents that involve an automobile striking a person. Pedestrian accidents occur quite frequently as pedestrians attempt to walk across the street or across private parking lots in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. If a pedestrian accident is caused by a negligent act by a driver, then a valid pedestrian personal injury claim is created. [...]

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What are the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation Claims in Georgia?

There are deadlines called Statute of Limitations for pursuing your personal injury and worker's compensation claims in Georgia. This means that if you wait too long to pursue your injury claim, then you may be barred from any recovery. This is why it is so important that you call an injury lawyer as soon as possible for a free [...]

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What makes a personal injury case have a high value?

People often don't understand why some personal injury cases are worth a great deal more than others.  The first factor to consider is always the extent of your injuries from you car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or other personal injury accident.  As you would expect if your injuries are severe, permanent, or catastrophic, then the [...]

Heart Attack and Stroke Workers Compensation Claims in Georgia

Heart attacks and strokes that occur on the job can be the basis of workers compensation claims in Georgia.  Normally for heart attacks and strokes to be accepted claims they must occur while the worker is physically exerting himself or herself at work.  Valid workers compensation claims allow the injured worker to receive income benefits, [...]

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Does worker’s compensation cover loss of hearing in Georgia?

Hearing loss is a covered injury or condition under worker's Compensation in Georgia.  Georgia law treats this condition differently depending on whether the hearing loss is a traumatic hearing loss verses a occupational hearing loss.  These two types of worker's compensation hearing loss claims are further explained in the following: Traumatic Hearing Loss:  A traumatic [...]

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Does the Man falling to his death at a Braves game create a wrongful death claim?

Tragedy struck on August 12, 2013 at a recent Braves game when a young man, Ronald L. Homer, flipped over a railing and fell approximately 60 feet.  He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but died shortly there after.  Nothing can replace the place this man held in the hearts of his family and friends.  However, [...]

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Forsyth County Motorcycle Accident ends in a fatality

On July 22, 2013 Cameron James Fullerton, a teenager (age19), was tragically killed while driving his motorcycle in Cumming, GA when a Ford F250 turned left in front of him.  The negligent pickup driver, Jonathan Troy Sorrells, was cited with failure to yield and with misdemeanor vehicular Homicide.  The maximum sentence for this criminal offense [...]

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How can you apply for Social Security Disability online?

Now you can apply on line for your social security disability benefits at www.socialsecurity. gov/disability.  If you are disabled from work due to injuries, medical conditions, or mental disorders, then you should apply.  The more information you can provide the Social Security Administration, the quicker a decision can be rendered on your claim.  The needed information includes: [...]

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On 08/01/13 on I-20 was shut down for many hours after one semi truck rear ended another semi truck. The collision resulted in one of the big trucks catching fire as a result of the high impact truck accident. . Whenever a truck accident occurs the investigating officer normally tickets the at fault driver. Normally in [...]

The Griffin Law Firm through their new PAIN LAW website now features a Settlement Calculator.  This new feature allows you to find out the projected value of your worker's compensation or personal injury claim for free.  I'm attorney Richard Griffin.  Since I have been practicing personal injury and worker's compensation in Georgia for nearly 20 [...]

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