You will more than likely face financial problems. You know, this is a big deal right here. That being the case, it is important and beneficial to hire the right attorney for your Workers’ Comp or Personal Injury Claim.

With me now is Personal Injury Attorney Richard Griffin. Richard, thank you for coming in again.

I’m glad to be here.

When people are hurt on the job, what can they expect? Your mind is kind of going in 300 different places you’re worried about money,  you’re worried about your physical health to begin with.

Right. Well, there’s a lot of things. When you get injured you’re going to be facing getting the medical treatment you need.  You’re going to be facing trying to make ends meet and continuing to pay your bills. When people are injured and in pain, it disrupts every part of their life.

People can be depressed. They can be scared. There’s so much help that can be offered if you just pick up the phone and call 877-PAIN-LAW. We can talk to them about their case, answer all those questions, get started on their case and start making a difference.

If they were to reach out right now they’re going to get immediate help. 

Yes absolutely.

When someone does have a Worker’s Comp Case or Personal Injury, how do you actually help them? What are the steps that they can expect to go through?

Well, right at the very beginning we’re going to make sure that we get noticed to the State Board of Workers Compensation. We’re going to make sure that they start getting the medical treatment that they need and get those income benefits started.So often when the injury occurs, whether it’s a car accident and you’re having lost wages or if it’s on the job, Either way, the bills keep coming and you’re not making money to pay them. We’re all a few paychecks away from a big financial problem.  So that is a big help for people.In Workers’ Comp we can get the income benefits started but we can also do a lot more than that. We can make sure that the medical treatment is authorized and paid for and if they get all that treatment that they need.

People might think or might be told from the beginning that they are not entitled to something when in fact they may be. So how can someone make sure they get what they deserve in the end?

Well, you’re going to have to pick up the phone and reach out for help. We have an opportunity, when you call, to really dig into the facts of your case.

Now we have a real client (in his own words not ours) where he kind of describes what he went through. He was losing everything. He reached out and got an attorney but he didn’t get the right attorney. That attorney didn’t get his income benefits paid (those weekly checks to pay his bills), he didn’t get him the mileage reimbursements (that you’re entitled to in Workers’ Comp) or  prescription drugs reimbursement. By not fighting, he was about to give up, and he had pawned everything he had [to make ends meet]. Well he gave up on that attorney and called us and we were able to get in there and make a huge difference in a very short period of time.

You helped him hit the jackpot. So Richard, let’s go ahead and actually listen to that client right now.

Client Testimonial

“The other old lawyer in Bremen- took him right at three years. Couldn’t get a settlement, couldn’t get us paid, couldn’t get nothing done. The Griffin law firm, in less than 30 days,  got us our checks, got us all the money we were owed (even the bank money that we were owed) and got us a settlement. It gave me, my wife, and our kids are our life back. I can’t stress that enough.”

Okay Richard, one thing that I just picked out of that. He said went from 3 years? That’s more than a 1,000 days. He turns to you, and you knock it out in 30 days?


How in the world were you able to do that? 

Well you know, we know what the benefits are that you’re entitled to. We jump in there and fight for those. We’re going to request a hearing. We’re going to push on everything. We’re going to get the mileage reimbursement, those weekly check started. By doing that, they (insurance company) know that if they don’t, we’re going to request a hearing and we’re going to seek assess attorneys fees and penalties and really keep their feet to the fire. Adjusters love to say, ” no, no, no…”.  We’re able to get in there and fight to make sure that they don’t get away with that. Insurance companies love to save money. Unfortunately, it’s at the expense of the injured worker or the person injured in an auto accident.

So if someone were to hop on your site right now or even call 877-PAIN-LAW they’re going to talk to somebody. So what can they expect?

Well, there’s going to be a free consultation and we’re going to be able to answer all the questions. We can even talk about what the is worth. (That’s something that a lot of people like to know.) They can go to and there’s a settlement calculator, they can use to find out that information. When we get involved we take care of everything. We’re going to guide you through it. We’re going to put out all the fires, file the proper notices and make sure that you get all that you need. Make it where we’ll have the ammunition to get that great settlement that you need and deserve.

That’s exactly what all of you want to know and hear.  All you have to do is log on