Alright guys, you know what happens sometimes? Accidents happen! Right then and there.
Whether it’s a Personal Injury, Workers’ Comp or even a Social Security Case, you should get help. Personal Injury Attorney Richard Griffin of Griffin Law Firm joins me right now to talk about the speediness and why it’s so important.
Right, it is very very important. A lot can go wrong right at the beginning if you don’t get help. It doesn’t cost anything to make the call. You can call 877-PAIN-LAW and we can start the consultation and  we can start giving you the answers. At the very beginning of the case, the things that I’ve seen on a Personal Injury Case (a car accident); We’ve had a situation where adjusters will try to settle the case right there on the street $500. Well, later they realize that they’re not getting better, it’s 30 days later and they need more treatment but that case has already settled. It’s gone.
Richard, give that number again. Because anyone who’s watching right now you can literally call, or even log on to your website. You guys have it set up very very nicely- Boom! A box pops up and you can get help that way. Immediately.
Yes, it’s 877-PAIN-LAW. Even last night someone went to the website, they used the chat feature and then I was talking to him shortly thereafter. So anytime give us a call and we’re gonna be there to help.
You pretty much walk them through the system. I also want to talk about if someone waits too long; the benefits of getting it done stat.
Yes. Well, you’ve got a two-year statute on a Personal Injury or a car accident. You’ve got two years from the date of the accident. That seems like a long time but the longer you go without getting help the further the case gets off track and the harder it is to get the fair settlement.
On a Workers’ Comp case it’s very similar as well. You’ve got 30 days to give notice to your employer. If you don’t give that notice than you’re barred from any recovery. You’ve got a one-year statute that does move but that’s another situation where if you don’t get help and get help immediately it can really cost you big. You may have a smaller settlement or you may not get a settlement at all.
You’re already dealing with an injury as it is. Speaking of which, one of your clients had a hand injury. So what did he have to go through?
He did. Well, he injured his hand in an accident and had some nerve damage. We had to fight very hard for him and and we ended up getting him a great settlement. He got $75,000. Well, he was very thankful and he really liked our firm. He had some other health issues come up and he ended up applying for Social Security Disability. When you can’t work. you can apply for Social Security. Well, he called the Social Security office and they told him, “Look, if you were younger you’d have a case. But you’re just too young.”
Well, he was about to give up. He only had 60 days to appeal. It’s called a motion for reconsideration.  If he had waited those 60 days, he would have had to start all over, or might not have been eligible. We were able to fight for him and get those benefits as well.
In his own words, he’s going to talk about how he felt about what we were able to do for him.
You guys are able to help out anybody of any age?
Absolutely! Any age for Social Security or Personal Injury or Workers Comp. The call is free and there’s no out-of-pocket expenses. It’s always on a contingency fee which means that if we don’t get a recovery for you you don’t owe us a penny.
Richard let’s go ahead and listen in to the client; See what he has to say.
Client Testimonial
“I thought that I didn’t have a chance because of what these people were telling me. But The Griffin Law Firm knows the law. That’s a great thing about this is that these are professional people and they understand that the  “little man” doesn’t always have to end up on the bottom he can end up on top. Through their leadership, through their guidance, through their representation. I feel like, we did it. We ended up on top.”
I like what he said right there, “the little one can end up on top.”
Richard, thank you because that is what you do for people. If you have a personal injury or facing something else, all you have to do is contact the Griffin Law Firm right now call 877PAIN-LAW or like we were saying just a bit ago, you can log onto their website that is