Hiring an attorney needs to be one of these steps you take right after an accident happens. But hiring the right one can make all the difference in the world. Personal Injury Attorney Richard Griffin of Griffin Law Firm joins me today to talk about the importance behind it. Richard, thank you for coming in.

It’s great to be here.

All right, people are kind of stressed out as it is; you get in a wreck, or maybe it’s a Workers’ Comp case, anything; they’re frazzled, they want to reach out to an attorney. You shouldn’t just reach out to anyone.

That’s true. You know, you hear a lot of advertisements and you can’t really necessarily get a good feel for the attorney. Well, it’s very important that you choose the right one. Just like there are good attorneys, there are also bad ones. Just like they’re good doctors, there’s also bad ones. Finding the people that you can trust; the professionals that can jump in there and fight for you, keep you informed and make sure that it works out the right way, makes all the difference. We’ve really been blessed because we get a lot of clients who come back and send us a lot of business because we fight so hard for them.

Absolutely! I think last time you said almost 10 people called from the show. That’s something that you can do right now. You can actually go on the website as well as call the phone number and get help immediately. So tell me that phone number.

It’s 877-PAIN-LAW. You can call that number 247 and we’re going to be able to jump right in and start talking to you about your case. It makes all the difference. One of the things that is important is that you can really dig into the attorney. I like being on the show because people can get to know me a little bit better than just a quick ad. But on my website 877painlaw.com we have a, “How do you decide?”,  button. That button lets you look at three important things. I think these things need to be something that you look at before you hire any attorney.

One is it’s going to be the, Client reviews and Testimonials. We’re going to hear from one of my actual clients in her own words about how she felt about a representation.

Another, is the Attorney Awards. If you are not recognized in the legal community for superior representation then that’s a problem.

The last thing is, Settlements and Verdicts. You have to have a history of being able to deliver those great recoveries for your Personal Injury and Workers’ Comp clients.

So, as a client or even being a potential client, what can they expect once they do hire someone as an attorney?

I get a lot of phone calls from people who haven’t had a good experience. They may be thinking, “Maybe I shouldn’t hire another attorney.” You should have great communication. You should be in the know on your own case. You shouldn’t have to leave repeated messages and wait for no one to call you back or a big delay. You’re stressed out, you’re hurt, you need help.

If you need medical treatment, than your attorney should be going to bat to make sure that you get the treatment you need. There’s funding companies, there’s Doctor liens, we do everything we can to make sure that smoothed out.

If it’s a Worker’s Comp case, a lot of times you gotta get in there fight for those income benefits or the mileage reimbursements or other things that some attorneys might just set aside and not worry about. Well, those are very important. Fighting for each one of those things is what’s going to make sure that we get that great settlement at the end.

That’s what your client got, in a nutshell. So if you want, let’s go ahead and listen to her, see what she has to say.

Client Testimonial 

“I really like the fact that the Griffin Law Firm was there by my side throughout the entire process. They were always checking in on me to see how my treatment was going. Ultimately, I felt like they were just on my side. I mean, I could just talk to them. If I had any kind of questions they were always there. They answered my questions efficiently. More than anything, I feel like my case was settled very efficiently. I got the best payout that I feel like I deserved.”

So Richard, she’s basically been there, done that, and made it happen all because of you.

That’s right. We are so pleased to be able to help her just like will help any of the viewers that have a car accident. Whether it’s a truck accident, motorcycle accident, on-the-job injury we’re here to help. You just have to call 877-PAIN-LAW and we can get started.

Richard, thank you very very much. You heard him. I’ll repeat it one more time, 877-PAIN-LAW or you can even log on to their website, 877painlaw.com .